Social Media and Social Networking

Get Social!


As we witness a huge turnaround in the way businesses are working today, one major stimulant fostering this change is social media and social networking. Companies are realizing the tremendous potential that is still concealed and needs to be tapped urgently to meet their marketing goals and objectives.

Social media refers to digital mediums like internet and mobile that engages people in sharing ideas and information with each other. It includes activities that combine communication and technology to form images, words, audios and videos that promote social interaction and build communities through various applications such as blogs, social networks, social bookmarking, photo and video sharing sites, etc. Few popular examples of social media are YouTube, Digg, Wikipedia, Flickr, Second Life, etc.

Social networking, on the other hand, is one of the major social media activities that concentrates primarily on identifying contacts and establishing links with them, a community building process that connects friends and family over the internet. Some of the most prominent examples of social network sites are Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Bebo, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Socialnetworkbuzz is a step towards understanding the importance of social media and social networking. The idea is to cover the latest and hottest buzz taking place in the social network sector and look at how individuals and businesses are getting affected by different measures and strategies adopted by this pulsating industry.

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