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The Tweet That Cost a Social Media Manager His Job

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on April 30, 2015

The use of emojis has become common these days. People as well as brands use it in their online communication to add some effect to their messages. However, the social media manager handling the Houston Rocket’s twitter profile will probably think twice before using an emoji in the future.

The incident occurred when the Rockets were on the verge of defeating the Dallas Mavericks to eliminate them from the NBA playoffs. They posted this tweet, much to the surprise of the Mavericks.

rockets tweet
The tweet shows an emoji of a gun pointed at a horse’s head. Apparently, the mascot for Dallas Mavericks is a horse, and the image indicated defeat for them.

Though the tweet was later deleted, the damage had already been done. The tweet had received scores of retweets and was favourited by thousands of users. Several screenshots had already been taken and people had started talking about it. Moreover, the Mavericks tweeted back to Houston Rockets saying:

mavericks tweet

The Rockets promptly apologized and admitted that their tweet was in very poor taste. The person responsible for the tweet also apologized on his personal Twitter profile later.

rockets apology tweet

This is not the first time someone has been fired over a tweet. Last year, another person was sacked by a media and internet company for her racist remarks on Twitter. Social media is a very sensitive space and you need to be very careful about what you say. Agree?

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