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Facebook Application “Zoo World” Supports Haiti Cause

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on January 16, 2010

The recent catastrophe that took place in Haiti shocked the entire world. The region not only witnessed a mammoth earthquake, but also saw thousands of its people becoming a victim. Though we cannot blame the nature, nor can we bring back the lives of people, all that we can do is support the families of those dead, provide relief to the ones saved and give our condolences to them.

However, with social media empowering users to voice out their opinions on a large scale, there are certain initiatives that play key role in encouraging people take a step ahead. A popular application on Facebook “Zoo World” has found out a unique – or rather enticing way – to encourage people contribute to the Haiti relief campaign.

The application, which pops up various elements of its application once logged in, had a surprise for its subscribers today. It popped up a “Helping Haiti” message to support the campaign by inviting its users to donate US $1. The proceeds would be passed on to the American Red Cross in its Haiti relief efforts. In addition, it also reciprocates a “Haitian Relief Flamingo” along with 2 “Wildlife Points”, a feature that is part of the application.

About Zoo World:  A Facebook application through which users can build their own zoo by purchasing animals and related zoo elements, thereby earning zoo coins and wildlife points that could be used to buy “exclusive animals” within the application.


2 Responses to “Facebook Application “Zoo World” Supports Haiti Cause”

  1. Greg said

    Absolutely love your blog! Definitely bookmarking it.

  2. hector said

    I’m praying for them all

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