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India’s Leading Mutual Fund Company “UTI” Embraces Social Media

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on January 15, 2010

Unit Trust of India, popularly known as UTI, recently marked their presence on social media to engage with their consumers. The leading mutual fund company – with over 1 crore investor portfolios – has taken the digital route to promote the “Language of Investment” by addressing user queries and helping them achieve a stable financial life.

The mutual fund giant has set up official accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to spread its message “Kisney Sikhai India ko Investment ki Bhasha” indicating that UTI MF has taught India the Language of Investment. It conducts activities that lead people to think about investments, wealth management, smart ways to getting rich, etc.

In order to attain user views about the different aspects of finance and investment, UTI MF announces polls to test their knowledge on its fanpage “UTIMF – Let’s Plan to Get Rich”. Besides, it provides investment tips, engages with users from across the world, and provides suggestions for investment on Twitter. The company also has an official YouTube channel featuring its advertisements.

Being one of the oldest firms in the mutual fund industry, the latest move by UTI MF just goes on to show how important “social media” is in today’s marketing context. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have become an essential tool to communicate with users from across the world.

The move also implies that Indian corporate firms are now ready to take up the challenge and be present amongst their consumers online. Is this again a threat to SMEs targeting social media as their strategic marketing channel? Will social media emerge out as the leading marketing channel in 2010? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

3 Responses to “India’s Leading Mutual Fund Company “UTI” Embraces Social Media”

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  3. Anameeka said

    Lovely blog! In fact it seems UTI and Reliance are the only mutual funds company in India that are this social media savvy. Here is this latest blog talking about it.

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