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Bharti AXA General Insurance sets on a Stress-free Journey on Social Media

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on November 23, 2009

Brands that are helpful always find a special place in the consumers’ heart. As more and more companies follow the “social media” way to reach out to their customers, there are companies that are taking an extra step to make sure they create a positive impact not only on the business front, but also on the society. Bharti AXA is the latest company to join this list and use social media in a healthy way to promote its messages.

Bharti AXA General Insurance has a dedicated micro-site that focuses on providing solutions to people who are in stress. Besides, it aims at encouraging people to lead a “holistic” life by involving Mickey Mehta, India’s Holistic Health and wellness Guru, to share his health tips and secrets. The site also incorporates exclusive elements like ‘Dare Stress’, ‘Kill my Stress’, ‘Face your inner self’ etc. to provide meaningful experiences to people.

Moreover, those who are addicted (and probably stressed) by over-using social-networking sites also have a reason to rejoice. The company has set-up its own “StressFreeZone” on Facebook, where it discusses interesting and hilarious stuffs to release your stress. The fanpage has already amassed more than 100 fans and is growing stronger day by day.

This is another example of a company that believes in including social media into its integrated marketing strategy. While the motive is to educate people about the ill-consequences of stress, it is remarkable to witness such initiatives taken by brands through social media tools. It also gives a clear signal to those who are still reluctant in using social media, believing it as a waste of money and time.

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