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Orkut Counter-Attacking Facebook?

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on November 2, 2009

orkut-logoIt was only 3 to 4 years back when Orkut was the dominating social networking site in Brazil and India. No doubt, it still maintains the lead in these two regions, however the growing popularity of Facebook has forced it to put the thinking cap on to maintain its leader’s position. Not surprisingly, Google-owned Orkut has decided to refurbish its interface and design, which would be rolled out in few days. 

Users switching to Facebook from Orkut permanently would now have a reason to stay back due to the latest developments planned by the site. To start with, the new site has fewer pages and quicker browsing to help people connect with each other through multiple activities like chatting, watching videos, browsing and searching within full friends and communities lists on the same page. Secondly, it has reorganized the most important activities on the site for easier navigation and usage with a clean, simple interface.

To give its members a platform to do more than just regular text IM, it now also has video chat along with access to other Google services like maps, Gmail and search within the homepage. Unlike Facebook, users would be able to customize their profile a page with faster photo uploads.

Since the beginning of this year, two of the fastest growing social networking sites in India – Facebook and Twitter have been trying to disturb Orkut’s stand in its domain Brazil and India. In fact, the Zuckerberg-owned Facebook had also proposed an option for its users to switch their friends from Orkut, which might have provided some benefit to the social networking leader.

Moreover, Orkut seemed to have been getting the pinch, especially after it saw a decline in its million unique visitors in September. But with the latest developments in the pipeline, it is roaring a strong message to its competitors that it would not step back. Will this be a redefining phase in the history of social networking, and especially Orkut? We’ll wait and watch!

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