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One Year Enough for Facebook to Triple its US Market Share

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on October 11, 2009

pie-chartThey say change is the only thing that is constant. While year 2009 has been fabulous for Facebook as it became the leading social network worldwide, MySpace has struggled to sustain its strong position that it enjoyed last year. The US market has embraced Facebook and distanced from MySpace ever since the former gained acceptance and adulation from the global social networking audience.

The Mark Zuckerberg-owned company grabbed a 59% market share in US according to online research firm Hitwise. On the contrary, MySpace managed to grab only 30% of the visits in September this year. If you still think that 30% is not bad, you are bound to get shocked after comparing MySpace’s performance during the same period last year. The News Corporation-owned social network enjoyed King’s position in September 2008 with massive 67% of the US market share. Then, the underdog ‘Facebook’ pocketed just under 20%.

Statistically speaking, Facebook accelerated its growth by a whopping 194%, while MySpace slipped back 55%. All it took for the current social networking leader was just 1 month to grab nearly 3 percent from MySpace, moving from 55.15% in August to 58.59% in September this year. On the other hand, MySpace decelerated from 33% in August to 30.26% in September.

However, there is one area where MySpace managed to beat Facebook, i.e. time spent on the social networking site. It managed to keep users interested in spending 25.56 minutes in September 2009 compared to Facebook’s 23 minutes. But, one cannot state this as good news for MySpace, as a comparison with the previous year shows a steady decline from 29.37 minutes, while Facebook shot up from 18.23 minutes a year ago.

But hey, how can we forget Twitter – the rapidly increasing social networking site worldwide! The new-entrant to the market has still lot of catching up to do, in spite of being the fourth most visited social networking site in the US. The micro-blogging service grabbed merely 1.84% of the US market share, though bettering its performance from 0.15% in the last year.

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