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Bollywood Celebs Become a Victim of Twitter

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on August 7, 2009

Businesses, average citizens, Hollywood superstars, sportsmen, and now Bollywood celebrities; the Twitter phenomenon is experiencing rapid growth amongst the top-notch personalities across the world. It has just been over a month, and Priyanka Chopra – a prominent celebrity from the Indian film industry – has become the latest sensation on Twitter.

With over 22,000 followers already, Priyanka Chopra has managed to use the micro-bogging site effectively to stay connected to her fans and friends, which include Mallika Sherawat and Gul Panag (also famous actresses from the Indian film industry). While Mallika Sherawat (over 11,000 followers) and Gul Panag (over 13,000 followers) have been using Twitter for quite some time now, Priyanka Chopra joined the bandwagon only in June this year.

India is a country of entertainment, where hundreds of movies roll out every year, thereby making it one of the biggest markets across the world. Hence, it is no surprise that the general public is always keen to know more about the personal lives of movie celebrities (i.e. where they go, what are they upto, who do they hang out with, etc.). Twitter makes this possible to a great extent, due to which its popularity amplifies every single day.

Also, Twitter’s and Facebook’s growing influence in the Indian social networking market proves that there is a lot of potential for marketers and popular personalities to use the social media platform to their advantage in terms of marketing and promotion.

One Response to “Bollywood Celebs Become a Victim of Twitter”

  1. Nice post. Now you can follow the latest bollywood celebrities on twitter without the need to track them individually. Bollywood Twitter has been launched which is the first Indian website to track all live tweets of Bollywood celebrities

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