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How Users Tried to Popularize Jeff Hardy on Twitter

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on July 27, 2009

Twitter is considered as one of the most important social media sites today. Its use has been different for different user categories like individuals, businesses, celebrities, etc. Moreover, what has been surprising is the manner in which Twitter is used for promotional purposes.

For those who use Twitter, you would have come across ‘Trending Topics’ section at the right hand side of the site once you log in to your account. This section displays the most popular topics discussed by the ‘Twitterers’. The benefit of this is that the topic appears in front of millions of Twitteres all across the world. One such topic that was intentionally trying to be pushed lately was WWE star ‘Jeff Hardy’.

The reason why I say intentionally is because there was a serious attempt to push Jeff Hardy at the first spot of the Trending Topics. Following is a snapshot of how some users attempted to succeed in their endeavor.


Here, it can be seen that users managed to get ‘Jeff Hardy’ to reach the second position in the Trending Topics and were keen to push it up ahead at the first spot. Here is another snapshot:

Though the above method would be termed as ‘spamming’ by most of us, this is a clear indication that fans or users would do anything to get something noticed to the world through Twitter. This is possibly because Twitter is an extremely well-known and fast-growing micro-blogging service that is grabbing attention from the global audience.

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