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Twitter can be Dangerous to your Brand … Sometimes

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on July 23, 2009

twitter-logoTwitter has become a very important site for businesses today. As companies realize the power of Twitter in helping them connect with their present and potential customers, the micro-blogging service has created a strategic business position across the globe. There are already thousands of brands leveraging it as part of their social media activity, along with several others keen to use it for the first time.

However, like every coin has two sides, so does Twitter. Though it is beneficial in nature, it can also prove to be dangerous if not monitored and used effectively. For example, users of a particular brand may ‘tweet’ their bad experience with thousands of other Twitterers, followed by several ReTweet (RT). In this case, if the brand does not monitor and track user conversations, it can cause severe damage to its online reputation.

Today, there are a number of products and services being discussed on Twitter by regular users. These discussions are sometimes positive and sometimes negative. The former result in the creation of brand advocates while the latter result in the creation of brand opponents (who you need to be careful of).

Hence, to make sure your brand credibility does not diminish due to your brand opponents on Twitter, you can undertake the following actions immediately:

• Track user conversations: Hunt for users speaking about your brand on Twitter through the search tool. Find out what they are discussing, whether positive or negative, and note down all the important points that you feel are relevant to your business.

• Formulate a conversation strategy: Thank users who are speaking positively about your brand and try to build on the relationship from a long-term perspective. Converse with them about the latest discounts, contests or offers and keep them interested in your product or service. As far as dissatisfied users are concerned, understand their queries and respond to them immediately to protect your brand image. Assure them about recovery measures to make them feel important and valuable.

• Follow and engage: There could be users seeking information about your brand through Twitter. Get in touch with them and solve their queries urgently. This will make them feel special and being heard. Also, follow users who keep sharing information about your brand through links and texts. These users can become useful brand advocates if you engage with them and build trust on a continuous basis.

Finally, remember to use Twitter as a key conversation tool with your suppliers, customers, general users, and the stakeholders at large. This will help to cut down your communication costs and create a powerful reputation in the social media world.

One Response to “Twitter can be Dangerous to your Brand … Sometimes”

  1. I have found twitter to increase my business. I will never go back to not using social media. Our company is taking customers to new levels with social media.

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