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Barely 3 Months, and 50 Million Users Added

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on July 16, 2009

facebookFacebook has become a synonym for social networking, which is not suprising at all especially due to its phenomenal influence on the global audience. After reaching a landmark of 200 million worldwide users just 3 months ago, the social networking mogul has crossed yet another milestone by reaching a whopping 250 million subscriber-base.

Facebook mastermind Mark Zuckerberg expressed delight on the official blog, stating 250 million users not just an impressive number, but also a mark of how many personal connections all the members have made. He said that the company is continuing to develop Facebook to serve as many people in the world in the most effective way possible, as it celebrates the 250 millionth user.

Though this is certainly a proud moment for Zuckerberg and his team, there is still work to do in terms of generating revenues. In fact, not only Facebook, but most of the social networking sites face the challenge to translate users into cash even today.

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