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Fans Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson Through Social Media

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on June 26, 2009

michael-jacksonIn what can be termed as one of the greatest shocks of all time, Michael Jackson (popularly known as the ‘King of Pop’) passed away leaving behind millions of fans mourning over his death. The legend, who stepped into the music industry at a tender age of 11, went on to become probably the greatest ever pop-star in the world. His albums ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Dangerous’ are considered as the world’s best-selling records even today.

The news of Michael Jackson’s death spread like fire in the social media world as well. Popular site Wikipedia was updated immediately with entire details, millions of Twitter users ‘tweeted’ all through the day to share their feelings and love, and users flocked over YouTube to post comments on his music videos. Also, you will find separate pages on Facebook, with thousands of fans paying tribute to their favourite star, making it the biggest tribute ever on Facebook.

Michael Jackson was surrounded by controversy for most of his life, but he continued to fight against it till his last breath. In fact, he was looking ahead to make a comeback with an album this year, according to the reports. It is unfortunate that his fans wouldn’t get to see more of him, but his music is still alive and fresh in our hearts.

I too am a great fan of Michael Jackson, as I have grown up listening to his music. Therefore, as a mark of respect, here is a beautiful track with a beautiful message from the ‘King of Pop’ himself.


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