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LinkedIn Introduces New Search Feature for Recruiters

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on June 17, 2009

linkedin-searchProfessional networking site LinkedIn has rolled out a new and improved search for recruiters to simplify their task of finding passive candidates. The advanced LinkedIn Recruiter feature will allow employers refine their search as per the candidate’s exact details like geography, expertise, education and industry background.

According to Esteban Kozak, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn, recruiters fully recognize the value of passive candidates, with 60% saying they get better hires when hiring passive talent. They also realize what a great source of passive talent LinkedIn represents, with 93% stating LinkedIn as the most successful hiring site.

The benefits chalked out by Kozak regarding the new search feature include: Guided Navigation, More Intuitive, Increased Efficiency, and Reduced Complexity. The combined result of these benefits is supposedly faster and improved search that could help recruiters find a candidate of their choice.

LinkedIn is increasingly being considered as a very useful business site. It is gaining significance in the areas of recruitment and networking due to its popularity and cost-effective nature. With scores of individuals seeking jobs through LinkedIn, several companies have started displaying information about vacancies, along with details about the job profile.

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