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Using Social Media as an Extension of Traditional Advertising

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on June 13, 2009

The success of a brand depends a lot on how well people familiarize with it. An average consumer comes across hundreds of advertisements each day through television, radio, hoardings, newspapers and magazines, internet, text messages, etc. However, the ones that appeal his needs, interests, imagination, thinking, behavior, and/or lifestyle tend to win over others when it comes to brand recall. At the end of the day, an individual remembers only few advertisements out of the major chunk that he comes across on that particular day.

There are several businesses that consider social media as an expense rather than an investment. Conventional firms often stick to the traditional advertising vehicles and are reluctant to use social media tools, which is not a desirable move today. No doubt traditional mediums are important, but the growing significance of social media just cannot be ignored. It needs to be included while designing an integrated marketing plan.

To substantiate how social media can prove useful along with traditional advertising, let’s consider the following series of situations:

1) You come across a television commercial that captures your attention because of its uniqueness, creativity, easy understandability, relevancy, and/or need solving ability.

2) The commercial is shown a number of times throughout the day so that it gets registered in your mind.

3) Next time onwards, whenever you listen to the signature tune of that brand, or see a particular character in the advertisement, you make sure to see the commercial entirely. These are the signs of your liking towards that brand/advertisement.

4) You start discussing about the brand with your family and friends, and ask their views regarding the advertisement.

5) Then suddenly, you come to know that the character from your favorite commercial or the brand itself is available on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site. Thereafter you start following it, become its fan, use applications related to it, etc. to express your liking towards it.

6) Your connections, who also like the advertisement, follow your foot-steps and do exactly the same things like becoming a fan and so on.

7) Finally, the brand becomes a hot topic of discussion amongst your friends, and thus gains ‘extended’ popularity with the help of social media and social networking.

Following is the process in a diagrammatic representation:
The similar is in case of a television programme. Here, I have taken an example of the popular American situation comedy ‘FRIENDS’. There is a dedicated application on Facebook in form of a quiz, at the end of which you get a result as to which FRIENDS character suits your personality. The application is supposedly used by a number of Facebook users, which just adds to the popularity of the show. Moreover, it has build up thousands of fans already on the site.


This was just one example. There are plenty of other brands like Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Nike, etc. that are present on social media sites and gaining extended popularity across the globe. Hence, social media is a great medium through which businesses can enhance their brand image, popularity and personality.

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