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Social Networking Sites – Virtual Real Estates

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on June 10, 2009

social-networking-real-estateThe global recession has created problems for a number of people to acquire a land- property or a home.  In fact land properties across the world are experiencing inflated rates, adding to the buyers’ woes. However, social networking sites are inviting worldwide users to invest in their site and find a virtual property to live in. Here, the investment is not in terms of money, but time. No wonder there is such an explosion in the usage of social networking sites since the last couple of years or so.

Finding a virtual property (i.e. becoming a member of a social networking site) is not a difficult task. There are plenty of options available for the users such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut, Friendster, Twitter, LinkedIn, amongst host of others. Quite amazingly, most of these online properties are competing amongst themselves to attract more number of users, and eventually more number of advertisers.

Talking about attracting users and retaining them, social networking sites offer variety of services to make their members feel at home. Their main aim is to connect users with their family and friends and encourage them to interact with others so as to promote communication. In addition, these sites offer various privacy and entertainment options to enrich the experience of their users.

Lately, Facebook announced that it will allow its users to choose a username for their account to easily direct friends, family, and coworkers to their profile. On its blog, the 200-million-plus-users social network said “Your new Facebook URL is like your personal destination, or home, on the Web.” This just goes on to show that the company is trying to make its users feel at home.

Facebook is not the first social networking site to allow users have their own usernames on the URL. This feature is provided by other social networking players since a very long time, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. Just like we have a name-plate at our home, we now also have a name-plate on the Web address of our profile.


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