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Twitter – Broadcast Yourself?

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on June 9, 2009

twitter_logoAfter reading this title, you are probably wondering that YouTube shed off its tagline and passed it on to Twitter, aren’t you? However, this is not the case. YouTube, the media-sharing site, is the most popular broadcasting mediums in the social media world today. But the rapidly growing micro-blogging site Twitter can also be an example of a broadcasting medium for people who use it in that way, instead of using it as a social networking site.

The population at Twitter can be segregated into different categories:

• Social networking users who use the service purely to stay connected with their friends and family

• Business firms and entrepreneurs using the site for establishing professional contacts, networking and marketing purposes

• Individuals who aim at increasing their follower-base by sharing links and knowledge resources with others continuously

• Celebrities and top-notch celebrities who use the service to get connected with their fans

Just recently, a Harvard study revealed some interesting results about Twitter’s usage. It found out that only 10% of Twitter users generate over 90% of the content, and more than 50% of the total users updated their page less than every 74 days. The study, which included a sample of 300,000 Twitter users, also revealed that many people ‘tweet’ only once during their lifetime.

Quite understandably, a number of people who subscribe to Twitter come to know about its benefits through blog posts, articles, and other media. If you observe the different blog posts about Twitter, you will find that most of them talk about using it as a branding tool. Social media experts also believe that the micro-blogging site can prove useful in carving out your brand in the social media world. This brings us to the possible conclusion that most of the Twitter users are not on the site for social networking, but to broadcast themselves.

As far as gauging your popularity on Twitter is concerned, it is the number of followers in your profile that acts as one of the most important deciding factors. An individual with 500 followers under his belt is obviously considered to be more popular than an individual with just 50 followers. Hence, you will also find users trying various things to increase their ‘followers’ list. Again, these are signs of broadcasting, wherein users seek to attract others to follow them and enhance their popularity through Twitter.

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