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Microsoft Integrates Twitter and Facebook with Xbox Live

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on June 2, 2009

xbox-twitter-facebookSoftware giant Microsoft Inc. announced recently that social networking superstars Twitter and Facebook, together with Internet radio are coming to the Xbox 360 gaming console. The announcements were made on the eve of a major Electronic Entertainment Expo trade gathering in Los Angeles, U.S.

Social networking and Xbox Live enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate as they will be able to access their Facebook and Twitter accounts through consoles. This means, users would have another medium to stay connected with their friends; besides desktops, notebooks, and smart phones.

While this is great news for both Twitter and Facebook, the latter is also expected to be working with all the consoles and platforms, according to a company official. In fact, Facebook could be seen making similar tie-ups with online communities for Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 console users in the near future.

The whole idea is to enhance the “home entertainment” experience of users by making games more social. According to a Facebook representative, gaming is incredibly popular on the social network itself. As far as Twitter is concerned, it is one of the fastest growing social networking sites, thanks to the media hype and celebrity users. Hence, social networking combined with gaming is a strategy that could do well for Microsoft, which also happens to own 1.6% stake in Facebook since 2007.

From the video games industry perspective, this is quite a promising move as it will help engage gaming users, as well as attract potential users who are social networking aficionados. This is a perfect example of win-win situation for the gaming and social networking industry!

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