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MySpace to Launch Secret Shows in India

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on May 28, 2009

myspace-musicHoping to build its brand in the Indian social networking market, MySpace is geared up to take the offline route by launching ‘Secret Shows’ in India – a platform for upcoming talented musicians. It will also roll out a music portal called ‘Music Central’ that will stream music content from regional and independent artists together with Bollywood music.

Hari Krishnan, the MySpace country manager believes that the debut Secret Show, which is scheduled to take place in Mumbai this Friday, will attract up to 400 music enthusiasts. The concert would be held free of charge for MySpace users and the company would also facilitate on-the-spot registration for new users, said Krishnan. By launching this initiative, the Rupert Murdoch-owned social networking site plans to organize at least one Secret Show per month in major Indian cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, etc.

MySpace is known to encourage artists and musicians in the worldwide market, and it would try to strengthen this image in the Indian market as well. Krishnan believes that it can be a great franchise for MySpace to introduce new talent and for music firms to select bright musicians.

Music has been an integral part of the Indian culture since hundreds of years. Right from classical to the modern hip-hop music, the Indian music market offers tremendous scope for the budding musicians. There are several talent-hunt programmes in form of television realty shows every year, along with an increasing number of training centres across the country. This makes the job even more challenging for MySpace, considering that ibibo, another fast growing social networking site, also focuses on tying up with Indian entertainment companies.

Regarding the music portal, Krishnan said that the company has added 500 Indian artists on it who will blog, chat, and allow fans to download or stream their music for free. Moreover, the site will enable DRM-free downloads, which would either be advertising supported or on a pay basis, similar to Amazon’s Music Store.

Surviving in the social networking industry would require regular innovation. It is not necessary that the giants of today will remain the giants of tomorrow as well. By introducing such kind of a service in India, MySpace has made its intention clear to capture the Indian market share and penetrate deeper into the different regions of the country.

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