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Ibibo – Much More Than a Social Network

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on May 21, 2009

ibibo_logoAt a time when majority of the upcoming social networking sites are focusing on a niche segment or industry, ibibo is one fearless player that is gaining tremendous attention in the Indian market space by offering multiple social media services. The site, which is well-known to provide platform for budding artists and talents, is an excellent example of a complete social media package.

Following are the different social media services at ibibo:

Networking: To start with, the company has its own social network where users can connect with each other. Also, it has recently launched the facility to create your own network where users can share albums, blogs and participate in forums and discussions pertaining to a particular topic.

Photo and Video Sharing: If you have anything to express through pictures or videos, ibibo allows you to create your own photo albums and video channels respectively to store and upload unlimited photos and videos for free. These photos and videos can be viewed by the ibibo community through various search parameters like ‘most interesting’, ‘most viewed’, ‘most commented’, ‘most popular’, and ‘most recent’

Question and Answer: Through its ‘sawaal’ section, ibibo encourages users to ask questions and share answers with each other, similar to the services offered by Yahoo! Answers and WikiAnswers. The questions are categorized into different areas like Fashion, Movies, Health, Entertainment, Education, etc.

Blogging: Not all social networking sites provide the feature of blogging to their users. However, ibibo is an exception and allows its members to create blogs, engage into group blogging and access voice blogging – a unique service that is gaining popularity within the ibibo community. Friendster is another social network that provides the text blogging facility.

Besides all these social media tools and applications, ibibo is also known for encouraging users to share their talent with friends and fans. It conducts several contests or competitions to create a lively environment around the site. Also, it provides an excellent opportunity for aspirants and upcoming models to show their skills and ability to get associated with the glamour industry.

One of the latest activities on the site has been the ‘Karaoke on Jai Ho (You are My Destiny)’ where it has brought into play its proprietary online Karaoke technology that allows users Karaoke to Jai Ho (You are My Destiny) through their mobile phones, the details of which can be obtained from the site until the feature lasts.

Moreover, the site offers a host of other services like Instant Messaging (IM), iSMS (where users can call and SMS for free), games, sports and music updates, and lots more. Probably, we have another social network that has the potential to beat Orkut and Facebook in India in the coming few years.

One Response to “Ibibo – Much More Than a Social Network”

  1. charles said

    Yep I also like their service to send free sms

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