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MySpace is Popular, But Are Your Friends Out There?

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on May 19, 2009

myspace-vs-facebookOne of the major reasons why MySpace is losing competition to Facebook is its inability to win the hearts of the overseas audience. No doubt it is still the leading social networking site in the US today, but when it comes to the global market share, it is Facebook that enjoys a dominant position. Moreover, the latter is also getting closer and closer to MySpace and can overtake it anytime now to achieve the first position in the US market.

According to comScore, it is Facebook that ranks as the top social networking site in the majority of European countries, where a massive chunk of the online social networking audience exists. The site is persistently adding a few million users every month that is hurting MySpace at the moment. Also, the monthly page views for MySpace are said to be declining, contrary to that of Facebook which is enjoying regular increase every month.

Who decides the growth of social networking sites?

Much of the marketing of social networking sites takes place through word-of-mouth publicity. One thing that must be clearly understood is that the popularity of these sites depends hugely on the availability of friends and relatives on the site. For example, I as a user may be fond of MySpace, but if I do not find my friends and relatives using it, I would most probably not use it as well. On the contrary, if I find all my friends and relatives on Facebook or Orkut or any other social networking site, but do not have particular liking for it, I would most probably opt to understand and start liking the site eventually to connect with people I know.

However, there are exceptions like Twitter, which do not require your friends’ presence on the site compulsorily to use it. Twitter has different purposes, one of the most crucial being making a personal brand on the Web. That is one of the greatest differentiating factors between Twitter and any regular social networking site.

No Active Users = No Revenues

Practically speaking, no company would want to invest in running ads on a site that has lesser or not enough active users compared to other sites. MySpace focuses mainly on the entertainment aspect, especially movies and music, the reason why it could enjoy advertising from the entertainment industry.

However, what if companies do not find their target audience on MySpace? In that case, it will be a difficult task to convince them to place their ads on the site. Hence, it is a challenge for MySpace to attract users and spread its roots over global boundaries to ensure long-term sustainability in the market. The company recently pumped up its operations in India to gain more users from the market, currently dominated by Orkut and followed by Facebook.


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