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Facebook Adapts to the Indian Culture

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on May 9, 2009

Look out Orkut, you have a tough competitor out there – Facebook! The social networking giant, which is hugely popular in the US and Europe, is now spreading rapidly across the emerging economies. India – a hot market for social networking – is proving to be a great potential for Facebook to expand its over 200 million subscriber base even further.

To make its position strong in the Indian social networking market, Facebook has announced an Indian interface which will help local users to connect with their friends in 6 different languages – Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Bengali. This move allows users to choose any of the six languages and use it as per their convenience.

In order to choose any Indian language setting, the user needs to undertake the following actions:

1) After logging into your Facebook account, click on ‘Settings

2) Under My Account select the ‘Language’ tab

3) Set your ‘Primary Language’ as per your preference. For example, if you wish to opt for Hindi, select ‘हिन्दी’ from the drop-down list.


In case you are not an Indian user, you can opt for any other language from the drop-down list. Also, there is a translation facility that will help you translate Facebook into any language that you desire from the several options available.

The growth of Facebook is slowly eating away Orkut’s market share in the region, though the latter leads the Indian market by a huge margin. Now, it will be interesting to see Orkut’s strategy to defend its position in the long run.


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