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Steps to Make Your Brand on Social Media

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on May 7, 2009

social-media-brandFew years back, many of us would’ve never even thought of something like ‘creating an online brand image’. Earlier, self-branding was all about establishing contacts with your friends, colleagues, friends of your friends, and any other person whom you thought to be important for you – all in the offline world. However, things have become more advanced now, and you have no option left, but to leverage the power of social media to popularize your brand name worldwide.

Here is a sequence of steps that you can undertake to get yourself known on the Web:

Create a Blog:

Blogging is a great way to start your social media journey. There are quite a few blog-publishing platforms which are popular and can help you get started such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, etc. However, if you do not have a website and want to set up your blog for free, and are considered to be ideal and user-friendly.

Blogging will help you pen down your views and thoughts on the Web. Focus on a particular industry or subject as per your choice and share your knowledge to build reliability and trust around your brand name. And one more thing, do not forget to update the blog regularly! Google hates it, and so does any regular visitor.

Participate in Forums and Discussions:

Social media is all about conversation and user-generated content. Discussion areas and forums help you communicate with other members and create rapport with them through knowledge-sharing activities. Choose a particular forum that is based on the topic of your blog and start creating a social circle.

Once you have a blog that is being updated constantly, the link of the same can be left under your signature name or id. In this way, you won’t have to directly ask people to visit your blog, but provide the place or the gateway to find you.

Few popular sites that discuss questions and answers on various topics are Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers and Answerbag, which get indexed by search engines and produce results for queries from users. So, start helping people in the community and make your brand known.

Promote through Social Networks:

Social networking sites are not only meant to connect with your near and dear ones. You can also use them effectively to market yourself. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. can prove handy to spread the word about your blog, your work, your expertise and your knowledge.

Micro-blogging and social networking site Twitter provides great opportunity to speak out your thoughts and amass followers. Some of these followers can be distinguished names from a particular company or industry. Mention about yourself in few words and leave the link to your blog on the profile so that ‘Twitteres’ come to know about your blog.

Facebook is a great place to connect with your friends, and also a great way to let them know about your blog updates. How? There are several applications on the site that help you add your blog to your ‘wall’, which automatically updates your profile with latest blog posts. Here are few of them which you can try out:

NetworkedBlogs brings your blog to Facebook and takes Facebook to your blog. You can establish network with bloggers and readers, see who reads your blog, boast your favourite blogs, and discover new ones.

Blog RSS Feed Reader publishes multiple RSS feeds on your profile and helps you drive traffic to your blog from your Facebook profile.

RSS-Connect enables you to add your blog/favourite RSS feeds to your wall, boxes tab or a dedicated tab on your profile. It updates automatically and lets your readers subscribe to the feeds in case they are interested!

Moreover, you also have the option to share your professional work on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, or any other social network, through pictures, audios, videos, etc.

Be Present Where the World Lives:

Besides social networking sites, you will find millions of users flocking over other social media sites like YouTube, SlideShare, etc. Make a video describing you and your work, upload it on YouTube, and share the link on your profile pages.

SlideShare allows you to make presentations and upload them on the site for free and easy viewing. This will enable you exhibit your presentation-making skills, and share your knowledge about a particular topic. Again, you can paste your blog-link in the presentation to guide users in finding you.

You may be thinking that this is a Herculean task and will need time to shape up, which is true. However, the sooner you start, the better foundation you will be able to create, eventually reaping tremendous benefits by having a strong social media identity.


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