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Top 10 Comparisons Between Life Before and After Social Networking

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on May 4, 2009

Social networking has become a phenomenon today, and most of us can’t even think about living without it. However, the same feeling wasn’t about 4 years back when social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, etc. were evolving and slowly picking up pace over the Web.

This article reflects top 10 comparisons between life before and after social networking to understand how we have become the slaves of this growing trend.

Life Before Social Networking:

1. People accessed Internet mainly to check their e-mails

2. Mobile phones were mostly used to talk and for sending messages only

3. People were physically social, i.e. meeting other people personally and communicating with them

4. School going children were more into outdoor activities

5. Users used to spend lesser time on the Web

6. An average person was not too keen in sharing his likes and dislikes with the world

7. Businesses were focused on using only traditional mediums like TV, print, etc. to advertise their products or services

8. Celebrities relied hugely on their PR agents to publicize their brand image

9. Employees spent lesser time online at offices during working hours

10. Friends and relatives were wished on special occasions like birthdays through telephones, messages and greeting cards

Life After Social Networking:

1. People access Internet primarily to share what they are doing, and check what their friends are up to

2. Mobile phones are increasingly being used to access social networking sites and update their status messages, especially on Facebook and Twitter

3. People have become virtually social, i.e. meeting other people on social networks, rather than meeting them personally

4. Even children prefer staying back at home to access social networks, due to which their interest in outdoor activities is slowly diminishing

5. Users spend a lot more time on the Web, most of which is used for social networking

6. The advent of social networking has encouraged an average person to share his likes and dislikes openly with the world

7. Business are investing huge amount of time and money in understanding social networks to use them for advertising purposes

8. Celebrities are increasingly using social networks to keep in touch with their fans and publicize their image

9. Companies where social networking sites are allowed to access, find their employees using more time online during working hours

10. Friends and relatives are wished on special occasions only through social networking sites by many people today


One Response to “Top 10 Comparisons Between Life Before and After Social Networking”

  1. It’s a scary reality, but we seem to continually gain-cyber-speed,never content to stay in the same place.
    I’m not immune, but like anything in life, learn to do in ‘moderation’.


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