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IBM Invests In Social Networking

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on May 1, 2009

logo_ibmComputer technology major IBM has decided to add vigor into its ‘DeveloperWorks’ site by transforming it as a useful social networking platform. The site, which is currently operated by IBM for IT professionals and software developers, would don a new look with social networking features similar to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

It all started when IBM, through its own surveys, realized that developers are using social media applications like blogs, forums, and online newsletter to communicate with each other. This made the company decide to refurbish the ‘DeveloperWorks’ site into a social networking hub.

According to IBM, the site already has about 8 million users and includes thousands of articles. Hence, by adding the latest social-networking features to it, and naming it ‘MyDeveloperWorks’, IBM plans to transform the world’s greatest knowledge base into a professional network. The company also has its presence on Second Life, a 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using voice and text chat.

As IBM focuses on building a professional networking service, we can say that ‘MyDeveloperWorks’ is more similar to LinkedIn than others such as MySpace. Secondly, just like how you follow a person on Twitter, IBM will allow users find experts in particular programming languages and communicate with them directly or track their actions on the IBM site.

Initially, users are not allowed to access data on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and import it on the IBM site. However, this will change in the near future, and users will be able to import data from third-party social networks directly onto the site, according to the company. The ‘MyDeveloperWorks’ site is based on Lotus Connections, which provides organizations of all sizes with a Web 2.0 collaborative work environment.

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