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YouTube and Google Maps Work on Home, an Environment-Based Film

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on April 28, 2009

As we witness growing concerns for our planet due to the cruel onslaught of human on the environment, global search engine leader Google has decided to take the initiative and spread awareness about its dangerous consequences. The search company is all set to share a new environmental film project between YouTube and Google Maps, two of the most renowned products of Google. The aim is to make people understand the state of our planet by airing a full-length film ‘Home’ on its video-sharing site YouTube.

The exclusive 90 minute film ‘Home’ by Luc Besson and Yann-Arthus Betrand will be available in four different languages – English, French, German and Spanish beginning June 5, the World Environment Day. For those not too keen to watch the movie online will get an opportunity to watch it in movie theatres, outdoors on big screens at key locations across the world. Also, the audience will get a chance to watch it on TV stations across the world, as the film creators would be using this unique distribution model to reach as many people as possible. This means, you stay in command where you would like to watch the movie as per your comfort and preferences.

The movie ‘Home’, which includes stunning displays of aerial camerawork, will provide a glimpse of Earth like never before and visually exhibit the urgency for preservation efforts. The movie is already being promoted heavily through Youtube, featuring some spectacular footage. Google Maps has been used heavily for adding more dimension to the project, featuring specially created layers that shed more light on some of the content covered in the movie. Also, interested users can locate the nearest theatre location with the help of Google Maps.

Following is a preview of what can be expected from the movie. There is a dedicated section on YouTube which features several such videos to help people know what the movie is all about. So, go ahead and spread the word. This movie is certainly not to be missed!

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