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3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Micro-blogging

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on April 23, 2009

The micro-blogging fever has caught millions of people around the world today. Sites such as Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr, Frazr, etc. have become prominent over Web not just for common Internet users but also from the business perspective. These micro-blogging sites are an excellent example of how to keep users engaged and encourage them to spend more time on the site.

With social media on a rise, the role for marketers has become more decisive to create their marketing messages. Due to social media, not only companies are tracking their consumer’s behaviour, but also the other way around. Communication has become more visible as social media is accessible to all freely. This has made the task even more challenging for the marketers.

However, the good thing that social media has done is that it has enlightened companies to learn how to connect with their customers better by creating powerful communication strategies. Especially micro-blogging sites provide useful marketing lessons that can help marketers perform better as far as their marketing messages are concerned.

1) Keep it short: Twitter, the leading micro-blogging site, offers just 140 characters to express yourself. Similarly, it is important that marketers keep their messages short and to-the-point. In fact, the same goes to copywriters as well. They need to keep the content short and precise so that readers do not get bored of reading long texts.

2) Speak what is relevant: The fact that a normal human brain can only remember all that it finds important is an indication that useless or superfluous information must be avoided while creating marketing messages. Users on micro-blogging sites gather followers by what they say, and not by how much they say.

3) Converse with your readers: The more you connect with your readers, better are the chances of building up a rapport with them. Once customers start knowing about you and vice-versa, a level of trust and confidence builds up, making the customers loyal to your brand. Hence, create marketing messages wherein readers would feel as if you are conversing with them and interested to help them.

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