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What Do You Think About Facebook’s New Look?

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on March 24, 2009

facebook“People are very open-minded about new things – as long as they’re exactly like the old ones.” This popular quote by Charles Kettering fits well to the current issue with Facebook’s latest ‘Twitter’ like look, which went live just few days back. After creating a stir in the social media world, Facebook’s new avatar wasn’t welcomed well enough as the social networking giant had expected.

I came across this news on Yahoo’s site about Facebook users objecting to the latest interface, which states that many of the 640,000 plus comments have been voted against the company’s new layout application. It also states that more than 1.7 million Facebook users have joined a new user group, called ‘Petition Against the New Facebook’.

Emulating Twitter is not seen as a welcome move by Facebook users, especially after getting used to the previous layout, which was more original and less congested. The company’s idea to provide real-time updates was said to be an answer to Twitter’s growing popularity, particularly in the European countries.

Earlier, when Facebook announced that it would keep control over user-generated information, there was a huge uproar from users across the world. The combined effort of users forced Facebook to keep its terms of service unchanged, much to the satisfaction of the members.

Similarly, Facebook’s change in the layout is not appreciated by several of its users, who are taking steps to get back the old look by forming groups, sharing their thoughts, etc. So, what will Facebook do in such a situation? The 175-million-plus-users site certainly cannot ignore their voices. It will have to work out strategies that will not only encourage people to join the network, but also help retain the existing ones.

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