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Ways to Gain Business on Social Networks

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on March 23, 2009

Using social networks for business purposes is a challenging task. Though experts point out the need to leverage social networks today, identifying ways to gain business from them is still a problem for most of the companies.

In such a situation, it is best to understand the concept of social networking thoroughly and study how social networks function, both technically and socially. This is a time-taking process, but the impact can be tremendous over the longer period. In order to know how people behave on a particular social network, you got to be present there at the same time. Also, several users generally have the tendency to behave differently on different social networks, depending on various factors such as the online ambience (mainly the appearance of a social network page), activities undertaken by friends on the network, facilities provided by the social network, etc.

Another issue commonly faced is to finalize which social network to target. There are a number of social networking sites to choose from, which makes it difficult to identify the right one. Here, the solution is not to target all, but only the ones which have a huge potential consumer-base, and who offer cost-effective options to you.

Using Social Networks Correctly:

If you think social networking sites can only be used as a promotion tool, you will be amazed to know the various untapped benefits they can actually provide. Besides assisting businesses to communicate their messages across, they also provide a platform to conduct surveys, undertake research, build your brand, manage your online reputation, engage employees to know each other better, and recruit potential candidates for your company.

Accessing social networks is permitted in several companies today with certain terms and conditions. However, those which do not have a proper policy in place often find employees wasting their office-hours in chatting, playing games, and exploring various applications to ‘impress’ their connections, thereby affecting company’s overall productivity. For this, it is necessary that firms become strict with their policies and stop employees from over-using social networks.

Thorough Examination of the Networks:

Without knowing the ins and outs of your network, you would be gambling on your company’s costs, if you choose to use social networking for your business. One of the ways you can adopt is to use the different social networking sites personally and know how they function. Try to gauge what activities users undertake by joining groups and communities. Monitor their actions and observe how they communicate to get an idea of their behaviour and preferences.

As a brand, if you are too aggressive and loud on the network, people would just prefer avoiding you than knowing more about you. So, build up your communication slowly and steadily, and give some time to users to know you better.

Businesses must update their activities one-at-a-time. Hurrying up the updates will seriously take you nowhere. Be genuine and transparent in whatever you do, as this will help in building up people’s trust and confidence towards your brand.

Social networks can be a very effective business tool, provided you know how to use it to your advantage.

2 Responses to “Ways to Gain Business on Social Networks”

  1. sesimag said

    Great article! I agree that social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be very useful to a company. In addition, companies can now build their own social networks through sites such as Ning. This looks to be a promising way to build a brand as well, and the entire social network is geared toward that company’s specific audience, instead of just one page on a larger network.

  2. Nice article! I like that you put something about watching our for waisting time on social networking website. If you not careful, it can consume A LOT of time.

    I suggest you create a social networking log book where you can track which websites you use, for how long, and for what amount of time.

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