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Facebook to Emulate Twitter?

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on March 4, 2009

facebook-vs-twitterGet ready to witness a very interesting change on your Facebook profile. The premier social network is all set to introduce certain features which will help users share information better. With an enhanced look to its homepage, Facebook will provide members real-time updates from their friends and also allow them to interact easier and faster.

Facebook’s revamped service is especially targeted towards businesses, artists and public figures to help them connect with their customers and fans respectively, just like Twitter’s ‘follow’ feature. According to the company’s owner Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s new homepage will enable users see everything that’s shared by their connections as it happens. Moreover, it will allow users more control by allowing them select exactly who they see among the people and things they are connected to.

The development, which is slated to go live from next week, will let users easily filter content and see updates from friends much faster.

Fixing Loopholes:

Currently, the drawback of Facebook is that its members cannot have more than 5,000 connections, which limits the number of people from accessing their content. This, however, is soon to be taken care of in the coming few months, as users will be able to share information with wider group of people. This is quite similar to what Twitter offers by allowing its users accumulate large number of followers accessing their ‘tweets’.

Facebook’s plan to revamp the service is also aimed at increasing the scope for advertising on the social network. The increase in speed of updates and ever-growing number of users creates a perfect stage for Facebook to attract advertisers promote their products and services. Also, quick profile changes and real-time updates will increase the chances of attracting location-based services, which Zuckerberg believes are going to be extremely important in the future.

Threat to MySpace and Twitter:

Racing ahead of MySpace in just the last year, Facebook now boasts of more than 175 million users globally. With the fact that Facebook users are present in every continent today (including Antarctica), it is no wonder the new service will help the site multiply its popularity and encourage non-users to switch from other social networks.

Both MySpace and Twitter are close competitors to Facebook, with Twitter experiencing tremendous growth in the UK and US. MySpace is slowly losing its pace but Twitter is gaining popularity not only amongst general users, but businesses as well.

By introducing Twitter-like tools, Facebook will make Twitter re-think its strategy to attract consumers and businesses in this ever-growing cut-throat competition.

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