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3 Tips For Twitter Marketing

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on March 2, 2009

twitter-logoIf you are on lookout for an ideal social media marketing platform, do not forget to consider the infamous micro-blogging site Twitter. Social media has become critical for marketers today, and Twitter is just an example of how companies can use it to create long term relationships with their customers.

Online communication has grown rapidly since the past few years, with more marketers leveraging it to deliver their marketing messages. Therefore, Twitter has not only capitalized on this emerging trend, but has also been instrumental in providing business opportunities to reach out to customers with constant updates about a brand.

Marketers have to understand that there are also people, who deliberately try to tarnish their brand’s image through negative publicity, unfavorable reviews, etc. Who knows! These people might be your own competitors trying to win your customers by way of degrading your product or service. Twitter is an open source, wherein it is essential for you to reach your clients much before your competitors do.

There are three important steps you can take to promote your brand effectively through Twitter:

1) Twitter Account for Your Company: Firstly, you need to become a part of Twitter by creating your company’s Twitter account. This will help you gain followers who are passionate about your brand and wish to stay in touch with the latest developments. Also, linking your account to your company’s website or blog will help you integrate your communication.

2) Locating Customers: With a Twitter account, you can now start hunting for your customers through the search feature and track what they say about your product or service. Follow them to get more useful details from them regarding the industry your business is in, your product features, your competitors, consumer expectations, etc. If they understand that you have been following them for quite some time, even they might follow you and notice your tweets or the link to your site.

3) Optimizing 140 Characters: You have only 140 characters to express yourself in a single message. Make the most of these limited characters and insert necessary keywords wherever possible. The tweets that you post will decide whether users will be interested in you or not. As a marketer, be distinct and clear in your communication. Providing useful resources to your followers such as industry reports, product usage tips, etc. can immensely shoot up your brand value.

Remember to share your knowledge and expertise with your customers as much as possible. Keep updating them about your product and service and make sure they are able to comprehend your messages neatly. The success of a Twitter marketing campaign depends a lot on how you contribute to the community and how well you resolve your customer’s queries.


One Response to “3 Tips For Twitter Marketing”

  1. kewroad said

    Hi – check out this mini case study by my colleague here. It was 88% good but 12% difference meant it all went a little flat. Monitoring and responding to twitters is good but you’ve got to follow through

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