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Sony Embraces Social Media

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on March 1, 2009

Japanese firm Sony, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics has embraced social media to market its latest innovation – the pocket style PC. With Sony Vaio P, Sony’s expansion into the relatively young notebook computer market is greatly being noticed across international boundaries already.

As part of its marketing initiative, Sony is using social media applications to spread awareness about its latest product for the global audience. It has adopted an integrated marketing approach, using traditional media as well as the contemporary social media to publicize its brand.

The Sony Vaio P commercial is being advertised heavily through the television and has supposedly created awareness amongst millions of users. Following is the advertisement that is aired currently in India:

Though the Sony Vaio P videos have been uploaded by YouTube members, Sony has benefited with huge number of views already. It is known that YouTube is the leading video-sharing website today with users from every corner of the world.

You may have also come across the current ad display appearing on the world’s most popular social network Facebook. Sony has used the social networking platform to enhance its brand’s visibility, get users click on the ad, and navigate them to more information about the product. This is quite a logical move, as today Facebook boasts of over 175 million users and is continuing to grow globally at a rapid pace. Also, the ad can be found on Orkut, the leading social network in India, which has over 12.8 million unique visitors today.

sony-vaio-pAdvertising on Facebook and Orkut provides Sony the scope to reach more number of people, including those who haven’t seen the TV commercial before, as well as those who have seen the commercial but may have forgotten or not noticed the ad completely.

Now, it only needs to be seen how successfully Sony uses social media to meet its marketing goals and how it can become an inspiration to other brands in trying out this highly potential media vehicle.

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