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Bebo Gets Lifestreaming Features

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on February 23, 2009

aol-beboOnline major AOL added vigor into its social networking site Bebo by upgrading it with  lifestreaming features. Acquired in 2008, Bebo has been a strategic investment for AOL to enter the fast-growing social networking market. Lifestreaming is a rapidly growing form of online service that allows users to broadcast regular and brief updates regarding their lives via videos, pictures, comments, blogs items, and other content.

In lifestreaming, the posts are aggregated from several other social media and social networking sites and arranged in a chronological order. Some of the sites already offering lifestreaming services are and

The lifestream feature will collect content from the Bebo user’s external sites and compile it into a single data stream, which will be accessible to any Bebo friend. Moreover, Bebo members will also get to receive updates from contacts in external sites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Delicious and Flickr.

Besides providing the Lifestream platform to Bebo, AOL also plans to offer it through its IM (instant messaging) networks AIM and ICQ, mobile devices, and to interested third-party Web publishers who wish to add this feature on their sites.

Not only common users, but also businesses and professionals will be able to benefit from Bebo’s lifestreaming tools. Companies, celebrities and artists would be allowed to use the lifestream to promote their brand and themselves on the site. This move will raise Bebo’s popularity and enhance the Web experience of about 22 million unique visitors, who are currently associated with Bebo. Moreover, the chances of attracting more users will increase as they (users) would be able to benefit from multiple services under one roof.

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