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How Blog Writers Popularize Social Networks

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on February 22, 2009

Currently you are reading a blog that focuses on social media and social networking. Similarly, there are millions of people like you who access news and stories about social networks regularly to know what’s hot in the market and what’s not. Today, there are thousands of blogs that cover news on social media and social networking, mainly covering the latest developments happening around popular social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

One of the most important lessons in marketing is to be in the news as much as possible. If people discuss about your brand, more than half of your job is already done. For social networks, the good thing is that large number of blog writers post news about them each day. In short, they track their movements every second to know what they are upto, and finally report it to the general readers.

The advent of RSS has only helped social networking sites to get more popular with more people. Bloggers linking news on each other’s content, makes sure that people get to read more about social networking and news related to it.

The recent change in Facebook’s terms of service attracted millions of eyeballs. There was a huge uproar across the Web, with several bloggers writing their thoughts on the news. The comments aggregated from readers were also quite high, with majority of them against the change. Who was the beneficiary? The answer is obvious – Facebook! Looking at the tremendous response from users, Facebook finally decided to drop the idea to change its terms of service. Bloggers were benefited by attracting readers with intriguing headlines to capture their attention, which ultimately encouraged them to go through the content.

Though controversial, Facebook managed to be in the news, with several people discussing about the topic. It cannot be said whether the act was intentional or not, but Facebook certainly became the centre of attraction during that period.

Now let’s summarize the various benefits enjoyed by social networks due to the efforts of blog writers:

• Mass Attention: More the number of bloggers writing about social networks, better is the reach.

• Free of Cost: Social networks don’t really have to pay these bloggers for writing about them. The news gets posted purely due to the bloggers’ interest and demand from readers.

• Brand Awareness and Popularity: More the people discuss and share their opinions about social networks; more is their awareness and popularity.

Negative Publicity Works Sometimes: If people dislike any particular change undertaken by a social network, they will speak against it and spread the news. Social networks can then act accordingly to pacify their users through a proper plan of action, highlighting the motive “We Care”.

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