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8 Basic Rules of Successful Blogging

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on February 13, 2009

Capturing readers’ attention is a huge task, especially when you are one amongst millions of people across the world trying to do the same. With a number of blogs available online, you have to ensure that your blog stands out from the clutter and delivers value to your readers.

Your challenge as a blogger is to make people visit your blog again and again and speak about it to others. For this, you must keep in mind the following eight basic rules of successful blogging:

1. Deciding Upon a Topic: Discuss current topics to ensure more hits to your posts. Readers often find blogs through search engines by using keywords or keyphrases. For example, if your blog focuses on ‘mobile phones’, people will generally come to know about your blog by using keywords such as mobile games, mobile accessories, etc. Make sure that you cover topics that are creating a buzz around the community.

2. Intriguing Headline: Whether readers are going to read your post or not, heavily depends on how well written your headline is. An eye-catching title that provides value to the reader will win over half the battle for you. On the contrary, if your headline is generic and does not infuse interest for the readers, they are not going to pay complete attention to it no matter how well written your content is. For example, “Use Your Money Wisely” can be written as “Where Not to Spend Your Money” to add more interest and value for the readers.

3. The K.I.S.S Formula: As far as your main content is concerned, “Keep It Short and Simple (K.I.S.S)”. Lengthy posts are actually boring to read for many as they consume lot of time. In fact, the first thing people normally do before reading is checking how long the post is. If it’s too long, several just AVOID it. There are few ways by which you can ensure an effective blog entry: (a) Avoid redundant words as they add no value to the content. (b) Be specific and to the point. (c) Avoid long sentences as they are difficult to comprehend. (d) Do not repeat the point or meaning again and again. (e) Proofread the content before posting it.

4. Learning from Others: If you do not understand how to structure sentences or write a post, read as much as possible. Visit other blogs and observe the style of writing. Each blogger has a unique way of putting across his or her thoughts. This will give you the premise to get started with blogging.

5. Adding Visual Elements: Readers love going through images or videos that explain the content in a moment. This saves their time and helps them comprehend the information better. So, try adding visual elements in your blog entries, wherever necessary. However, see to it that there is a link between the visual and the content. Do not add them just for the sake of it.

6. Managing Links: If you are good at managing links, you are a great blog marketing person. Other than search engines, there are millions of people who visit blogs through links. If your content speaks quality, others will tend to link your post on their blog, which will increase your blog visibility. You can also link other websites or blogs in your content to help readers acquire more information on the subject. Internal linking (managing links within your own blog) is another way of guiding readers from one post to another on your blog.

7. Including Tags: Tags refer to keywords and important terms relating to a particular post. They are useful in helping people locate blog entries while searching. It is important to use correct tags that are relevant to the post as this will ensure sending right traffic to the right post.

8. Applying ‘Word-of-Mouse’ Technique: To attract more people to your blog, you need to inform them about your blog’s existence. Take part in forums and communities specific to your subject and share knowledge with others. Do not forget to leave behind your link as it will help people know where to find you. Use social media as much as possible through the word-of-mouse technique.

Apply these eight basic rules and see your blog doing exceedingly well over the Internet!

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