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Facebook Dominates Over MySpace in January

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on February 10, 2009

Looking at how Facebook is surpassing MySpace globally, one is forced to ask “Are the two even competing against each other?” The once upon a time ‘arch-rivals’ are now heading towards different directions; one towards the north, while the other towards the south (no points in guessing who’s heading where).

According to, a U.S. Internet traffic analyst, Facebook continued its stance over MySpace for the month of January, becoming the most popular social network. Based on the total number of visits, Facebook is said to have recorded more than a billion hits for the month, while MySpace trailed with 810 million visits. It should also be noted that MySpace had dominated the social networking industry just about a year ago, with Facebook at the second spot.

Ranked by Monthly Visits, Jan ’09
social-network-ranksConsidering the total number of visitors to each of the two social networks, states that Facebook had 68.5 million unique visitors vis-à-vis 58.5 million of MySpace. Moreover, users seem to be using Facebook for a longer time than MySpace based on the metrics released by Compete. Since the last one year, Facebook has recorded a steady growth in terms of total visits per unique visitor and time spent on the site. MySpace, on the contrary has suffered here as well, with the average time spent slipping to only 11 minutes from 20 last year.

Another social network that is emerging successful is Twitter, as per the data released by Compete. Though the social messaging utility is far behind the two social networking giants, with mere 6 million unique visitors and 54 million hits in January, it is escalating in terms of popularity ever than before. According to Compete’s latest data list, Twitter jumped to the third place from last year’s 22nd.  Moreover, the average stay of users on Twitter is nearly equal to that of MySpace.


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