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Blogs – An Excellent Social Media Tool

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on February 9, 2009

In this fast moving world of communication, social media plays a predominant role in engaging users across the world. Social media applications such as video sharing, social networking, online forums, social bookmarking, etc. have become increasingly popular to create and share content between people globally. However, one such application that has set the Web world on fire since the past couple of years is Web log (popularly known as blog).

Initially, blogging was confined mostly to individuals, who created personal or category-specific blogs to share their views with friends and community. However, with time, businesses realized the importance of blogs to strengthen their marketing and communication activities, the result of which we see thousands of them using it to promote themselves today.

There has been a very sharp rise in the number of blogs over the past few months. With over 30 million blogs present in the Blogosphere, the number is expected to rise even further in the near future.

As a social media tool, blogs provide great opportunities for businesses as well as individuals to enhance their brand value. A person who is an active blogger can strengthen his brand personality online and use it to connect with both, professionals and general audience. This increases his scope to build strong networks and use them at times of job hunting, acquiring clients, etc.

As far as businesses are concerned, blogs prove useful in:

• Building Community: Those who are passionate about your brand will like to know more from you. For example, small businesses can share their knowledge and expertise with current as well as potential consumers regarding their product or brand. News regarding product modifications, discounts, new product launch, etc. can be communicated without spending a single penny on other forms of media.

• Gaining Benefits + Saving Costs: Blogging is one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating with a wide range of audience. Not only is the company able to establish a Web presence, but also avail benefits of ready-made HTML facilities from the blog service provider. Since marketing to a large audience is possible through blogs, it saves cost for businesses by leveraging social media with other forms of communication mediums.

• Establishing Contacts: Sharing knowledge with your clients helps strengthen your position in the market. The more reliable you are; more are the chances of retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. Once you build a strong network, more people are expected to trust your services by way of positive word-of-mouth marketing.

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