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Where Advertisers Go Wrong in Social Network Marketing

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on February 8, 2009

Though social network marketing has become a buzzword among marketers today, there are several who complain that the conversion rate is barely anything, just about 2% or so. Displaying ads on a social network doesn’t mean that viewers are going to click and make a purchase always.

It cannot be said what conversion rate is the best when marketing is carried out through social networks. However, companies aim to achieve high brand awareness and a favourable return on investment (ROI), which differs from one company to another based on their objectives.

Sometimes, companies use social media only for the purpose of spreading news about its brand. This can particularly take place when a new product is launched in the market or to communicate offers and discounts regarding the product.

However, when it comes to social network marketing, not all advertisers are able to achieve their desired objectives because of certain reasons:

facebook-adTargeting Gone Wrong: The challenge for marketers is to find the right people whom they wish to target. Social networks like Facebook provide features regarding what demographic advertisers aim to target. Information such as location, sex, age, keywords, education, etc. that needs to be targeted is clearly provided to ensure marketers choose them correctly. Any mistake here will mean targeting wrong customers, leading to unnecessary waste of time and money.

Keyword and Content Bloopers: Consumers are very choosy when it comes to buying online. If they don’t find what they are looking for, they are not going to buy your product, especially when it doesn’t highlight the right keyword. As it is, not many access social networks to buy a product or service. Social network marketing involves a ‘pull’ strategy by using keywords and content that will catch the reader’s attention. While content has to be in simple words, it must also be precise and to-the-point.

An Unnoticed Brand: Brands get unnoticed when they are not seen in the ad copy. While writing the ad text, it is not only important to mention your product or brand, but also your company’s name. This will allow readers to know about your existence as a company.

Faulty Promises: When you offer any kind of incentive or discount to your customer, specify the process in a concise and complete manner. Just like users are interested in offers and discounts, they also fear them, thinking that it is just another trick by the advertiser to lure them into a trap. In this case, marketers who do not keep their word can face not one, but thousands of customers running away from them (the bad word-of-mouth effect).

Careless Mistakes: Errors in spelling, grammar, product image, etc. are some of the most careless mistakes that can be made while advertising through social networks. Already the text is limited to few words. Therefore, the chances to notice even marginal errors are high.

Social network marketing must be a planned activity. Before advertising your product or brand on any social network, it is important to identify your audience, their age, sex, location, relationship status, keyword-search pattern, education, profession, etc. to make sure that the right people get addressed. Your success, as a marketer, will depend on targeting 100 correct consumers than 1000 wrong ones.

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