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Social Networking – Boon or Bane to the Society?

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on February 5, 2009

One of the most commonly asked questions today is  “are you on Facebook?” or “did you check out the latest pics on my profile?” It is amazing how social networks have completely changed people’s habits, becoming a must-visit Web destination for all. In fact, if you find a friend not using any of the popular social networking services, it seems strange. Thoughts like “is he/she living in today’s world” and “how can he/she afford to miss such a great thing when the entire world is buzzing around it” start coming to your mind the moment you realize your friend’s absence on the site.

Such is the power of social networking today. And it only seems to grow stronger and stronger in the future. Just recently, Facebook achieved another milestone by completing five successful years over the Web. Started in 2004, Facebook had only a handful of users in its network initially, mostly comprising of Harvard students. However, with time it grew rapidly to become the leading social network throughout the world.  So, what led to its success? One of the biggest reasons is word-of-mouth or rather word-of-mouse publicity.

People today can’t imagine living without social networking. It has become a daily routine no matter where you are. Also, it is interesting to know how mobile phones are shaping the use of social networks today. Those who do not get enough time to access their desktops often use a mobile device to stay connected with their friends. What’s even more interesting is that adults are using social networks more than the younger demographic today, something which has never happened before the last year or so.

But there are also people who do not support this growing trend mainly because of its negative impact on the society. The argument is that social networking is slowly taking over face-to-face communication, as people prefer expressing themselves online. Communication has become rapid, but at the cost of personal interaction.

If you observe carefully, the extent of outdoor physical activity has also declined in case of school going children. As social networking becomes a topic of discussion for youngsters, most of them want to be alive and kicking on the network and share their likes and dislikes with people. This has given software developers another reason to come up with innovative applications in tune with the contemporary lifestyle, which is indeed worth appreciating. However, problem arises when youngsters overuse these applications and compromise their social life by constantly updating their profile to let people know how ‘cool’ they are. This is also one of the main reasons why personal interaction has been affected to a great extent.

The whole discussion here is not to demean social networking. It is doing what it has to do – connect people with their loved ones. But whether to overuse it and affect our social life or not is in our hands. Let technology not master you. Talk to people personally or over phone, get engaged in face-to-face communication and use social networking within limits to balance your life. Social networks are definitely a boon to the society, but too much of it can affect our social progress.


50 Responses to “Social Networking – Boon or Bane to the Society?”

  1. angelique said

    social sites are not only a bad cause to our society today, but they are also very boring and pointless. i mean, social sites just give people something to do on the internet, something to look forward to, but honestly, all social networking sites are boring. they are very meaningless as well.

  2. Kartik said

    was in search for this only !!
    Amazing article
    Good job man!!

  3. deeksha said

    nice yaaar its a gud 1

  4. Nice post.Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  5. great .. great job dude !

  6. Kritika said

    i agree with the point of view of the author….but simultaneously want to convey that it’s only a curse for children below 18 years of age ……i do appreciate the indirect teaching spirity of yours( author’s).

  7. kartik raman said

    lovely article. very well said. any thing and everything has two sides to it. depends on how far u want to go about using it. let social networking sites not overwhelm us.

  8. suraj thorat said

    offcourse it is a curse to people who overuse this type of social networking, finally it is in our hand to addict or not…

  9. ruhi said


  10. its nic but excessive use of it leaves a very harmful impact..

  11. reetu solanki said

    nice article it is really helpful for us…

  12. shruti said

    thanx ……………….. nice one

  13. janhavi said

    gud 1

  14. Dhanush said

    woww!!!!!!!!wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i liked this essay……thnxxxx for the essay

  15. galib said

    its also interesting that mobile phones are shaping the uses of social networking sites

  16. Jharna Shah said

    hii frnd.u r right bt still i thnk k it depends on our intellectual n use……we cannot say it as curse or ban unless n until we face the problems…..all say tht its meaningless but we dnt remind tht scrap can also b used after recycling………so nice bt nt best……….THNK U…

  17. sana said

    gud article but all the people not use these sites in wrong way

  18. Abhisikta said

    Gud 1!

  19. Bhoomika Luthra said

    nice article..having gud positive views…!!!!

  20. maddy said

    thanks a ton

  21. govinda said

    yeah, i do agree wid the author…i think todays youth has so much dependent on social networks , that they share almost each and everything of their life without even realizing that it might prove to be dangerous….everyday something or the other is happening in this world, and around 50 percent of the crimes are occur because our stupidity…..frauds check out the nets and try to gathr info about other person and according they plan to cheat us…hence i think eveything depends on us………..

  22. steven said

    thankxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the speech

  23. aman kedia said

    good 1

  24. sandhra sajeev said

    suprb..yar….so helpful…nice 1

  25. divya said

    nice article


  27. prashant said

    social networking sites should not be banned.

  28. its a nic thing halps to being in touch with all friendz and everybody

  29. mansi said

    totally agree with the author..!!
    thnx soo much 4 da article..pretty good job!!

  30. Divya said

    It was amazing thanx to the Vaibhav Kalamdani for such wonderfull speech……………………

  31. SHIVANI said

    Yes ,he must be a great guy how write this

  32. Ashish said

    yes..i do agree with the’s teens are very much dependent on these sites..and this brought back many harmful results to them and their family too, which they won’t realize.
    But I’m completely agree with that,if this sites are used in effective and efficient manner,it would get u updated whats happening around you and with yours near and dear ones.:)

  33. really a good article cool lang .i really liked it. really helpful

  34. shaheen said

    Social networking sites r of gr8 USE TILL USED PRPLY BUT IT SHULD NT B MADE A DAILY ADDICTION BTWN YOUNGSTERS…..dis will kp d society as well as d people happy.

  35. nidhi said

    thanks a lot

  36. A man born in an era of great advancements in technology is very fortunate, for he is able to enjoy the comforts this ‘human mind creation’ could bring in one’s life. However, as time goes by, and as technology continues to proliferate, my verdict on technology suddenly changed, induced by apparent changes the present day society is having on. The majority of human race appear to be slaves of the ever changing gadgets, which are actually ‘devils’ in disguise. I used to think that technology makes our life easier and until now, it really makes our life easier- but on its way down to hell.
    God created the World for humans, to nourish all the things that we need in order to live and perpetuate. But as Satan intruded the minds of the first human race, men started not to feel contented with what they got, began to search and invent things that could lessen the burden of finding a way of living, forgetting his true reason for being, which is to serve God who created him. As man drew more into materialistic things rather than eternal ones, Satan had taken advantage of this and made humans literally slaves of their own inventions and materialistic passions.
    A scientist said “technology is the key to solve pollution”, but well in fact, technology made pollution. If humans, in the first place, became contented to what God has given them, we do not need to solve problems that are truly, made by ourselves.

  37. AKSHAY PATEL said


  38. yukti said

    not bad

  39. Shambhavi Gairola said

    Vaibhav ur jst amazing. a perfect description about “S.N.S.” is what u’ve given here. very true. everything’s got two sides….. nd dis has got a major 1. Thanks fr dis perfect post 🙂 so helping…..

  40. Himani duggal said

    really ..really a gud 1…i just needed d getting off frm d social networking site…”facebook”…good job..appreciable..:)

  41. Sanjeev said

    but then what are its positve points????

  42. veroinca said

    article is excellent it helped me a lot in my elocution competition….thnxx a lot 4 posting it….

  43. juhi said

    An apprecible article…worth reading..well, it perfectly describes d impact of social networking sites on today’s world as well as d boons nd banes of it….a well balanced nd mixed content…applause..:)

  44. nirmala said

    short and sweet essay

  45. malvika said


  46. i used it for my assingment 🙂

  47. supriya said


  48. tanmaay said

    its only detailed about fb it should be about social networking sites

  49. Thakxxxxxx Vaibhav i was in search of this only

  50. Seerat said

    Liked it, though I am one view against. Cos’ this is alo an social networking site. Sorry to say this. This was my school competion so I looked upon, but actually its a debate. Bye.

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