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Facebook Provides Opportunity to Earn Thousands of Dollars

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on February 2, 2009

facebook-paysWonder if you could earn through Facebook as well? The wait is over as the social network leader announced a new ‘Chat To Text’ feature, which can help earn its users through its latest application.

The ‘Chat To Text’ application by Facebook is a unique way to help its members stay in touch with their friends. It provides an even solid platform for users to indulge into instant messaging (IM) and at the same time earn through the application. Until now, if you wished to contact your (offline) friend, you had to send a message and wait for his reply. IM was possible only if both you and your friend were logged in at the same time on Facebook.

But now, you need not wait for them to log in to reply. With ‘Chat To Text’, you can chat with you friends via text message. However, the condition is that your friends must also be a ‘Chat To Text’ member, upon which a “text me” icon will be displayed on their page when offline. This will allow you to IM them via text, when they are not logged in to their Facebook account.

Now the other interesting aspect of ‘Chat To Text’ feature is that it offers lucrative opportunities to users. How? It allows users to earn just for referring it to their other contacts. To avail the benefits, users have to incur around $6 per month and each direct referral leads to a commission of $2.

What’s more! Once you complete three referrals, you are eligible to earn 25 cents per referral your (referred) contacts make, and the process keeps continuing. Starting early helps you capitalize more on the opportunity. As your network keeps growing, you stand to earn more and more.

Though 25 cents sounds too less, more number of contacts can change the figure massively. Suppose you get a chance to earn 25 cents from 1000 other people grown from just 3 of your contacts. That makes it to $250, without any extra effort at all. Of course, to get more lucrative benefits, more people need to use ‘Text To Chat’ in your network, which is a challenge in itself.

Similar model is in place for several network marketing firms around the world such as Amway, where networking building is given due importance to earn monthly residual income.

Finally, users interested in using this Facebook application need to have a paypal account, where their funds would be deposited in case they earn. More details about the same can be accessed at Happy Earning!


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