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YouTube Community Members Get License to Remove Individual Video Comments

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on January 27, 2009

youtube_logo2In a move to empower its community members to handle inappropriate situations, video sharing major YouTube has announced a new feature of allowing members delete their comments already made on videos posted by other users.

The announcement, which first came on YouTube’s official blog, explained that the new feature is the outcome of several user requests. The users are now hopeful that the company’s decision will help improve any unpleasant issue like harassment and bullying, and also enabling users have control over spelling errors and/or comments that may cause problems later.

According to the YouTube team, the latest development will empower users to handle such situations more easily and effectively, without requiring the staff’s assistance. The team also said that it encourages community members to think well before posting comments anywhere on the site. However, in case users do make some mistake the first time, they can always correct it later.

Though the announcement brought several smiles, there were also few who did not quite agree with the development. Quite understandably, one of the users commented that removal of comment can make ongoing debates and conversations worthless. The point of contention is that if users are given the authority to go back in time and delete one or more of their comments, it will only erode all the foundations of a particular discussion. One suggestion provided by the same user is that YouTube should specify the authors’ name who deleted the comment so that they can be approached for the same.

YouTube is known to take its members’ feedback seriously and have reacted positively to several of them in the past as well. Just over a month back, the Google-owned company improved its channels to enrich user experience.

This is just another example of how companies listen to their consumers and implement the changes to suit their requirements. YouTube, in this case, surely knows how to deal with it.

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