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Friendster Fortifies Its Asian Territory

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on January 20, 2009

friendster_logoIf you think Facebook, MySpace and other social networks will have easy time capturing the Asia Pacific market, think again! Social networking site Friendster is busy fortifying its Asian territory, with about 28 million users in the Asia Pacific region out of 30 million in total. This means around a whopping 93 percent of the Friendster users belong to Asia Pacific only, with the rest contributing to not even 10 percent.

Whether it is recession or the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency marking a historical moment in America, Friendster seems very clear about announcing its expansion plans. The social network has decided to set up new offices in Australia and Singapore, the media announcement of which will take place in the light of Obama’s inauguration coverage.

The Mountain View, California-based private social network has also stepped up efforts to add workforce in Philippines, one of its most favourite hunting grounds. Friendster’s CEO, Richard Kimber said that the expansion drive in Asia not only sets up 2009 to be an exciting year, but also helps the company track the necessary monetization opportunities existing in Friendster’s core Asian market.

In addition, Friendster will continue to strengthen its direct sales, product, operations, engineering, finance and marketing teams to implement its strategy as it penetrates deeper into 2009.

Though earning ad revenues poses a huge challenge for Friendster, we must not forget that it received a mammoth $20 million through funding in August, the time when Kimber became a part of Friendster.

The overall Asian market is huge and each region has its own popular social network. For example, India and Pakistan is dominated by Orkut, while Thailand and Philippines is covered mainly by Friendster.

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