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Social Networking on TV? MySpace Makes it Possible!

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on January 9, 2009

myspace-tvPerhaps, the only thing remaining now was to marry social networking with television and expand its accessibility over other forms of media channels. This initiative is taken by News Corp owned MySpace, which announced making its popular Web-based social network available through television sets later this year.

The online giant has said that it will be accessible on the new TV application framework ‘The Widget Channel’, which is co-created by Yahoo and chip-maker Intel, and will be installed on TV sets that support Internet.

Benefits to Users:

The new service will help users in the following manner:

• Receiving friend requests

• Receiving updates from friends

• Reading and replying to messages

• Publishing status and mood updates

• Browsing profiles and photos

• Enjoying, sharing and accessing MySpace content easily

• Using MySpace network simultaneously while watching TV

The extent to which social networks are innovating is really worth appreciating. With social networking predicted to supersede traditional media formats in the near future, the competition certainly will reach greater levels with entertainment being the need of the hour.

MySpace certainly seems geared to crush its rivals through ‘The Widget Channel’. However, monetizing will be a concern for social networks who wish to gain popularity by recovering their return on investment (ROI) as early as possible in the long run.


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