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Cisco Unveils Social Networking Plans with ‘Eos’

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on January 8, 2009

ciscoCisco Systems has identified a new way of helping its clients connect with their passionate customers. The leading supplier of networking equipment and management has announced the launch of ‘Eos’, a social networking platform that will help media and entertainment firms exploit the benefits of social networking by creating, managing and growing Web communities.

‘Eos’ will allow media companies to create interactive platforms through a user-friendly interface, which will make the building and customization of websites easy. The good news for music enthusiasts is that they will be able to connect deeper with the entertainment sector involving movies, television shows, musicians, or anything that media companies wish to promote.

How it all began:

In the year 2006, Cisco first started hunting for means to help big media businesses, thereby coming out with the Media Solutions business unit, with an aim to build and market products to digital media content owners. Later in February 2007, it acquired a startup company ‘Five Across’ which was into the development of social networking software.

Cisco believes that ‘Eos’ will enable media firms to provide fans different ways to connect with their favourite television shows or artists through communities. The service provides tools to create message boards, blogs, live chats, rating and ranking systems.

Cisco’s executive Dan Scheinman described social networking as the most essential way for big media companies and marketers to connect with their consumers. He observed that consumers are engaged in Facebook and YouTube to share media in form of pictures, videos and music. He also stated that media companies can fight against illegal copying of content by providing an interactive platform to fans via their own branded sites.

Though Scheinman believes that ‘Eos’ won’t eliminate piracy completely, he said it would at the very least allow media firms to combat by inviting the audience to participate.

Amazingly, Warner Music Group has taken the initiative and signed up for the Eos service. It would initially use the software to build websites for two popular artists, Sean Paul and Laura Izibor.

Cisco’s Gameplan:

You may wonder what prompted Cisco to foray into the social networking business from its routine hardware solutions. Well, though the company is a giant in its domain by supplying networking equipments to large-scale companies across the globe, and controls more than two-third of the Internet with its IP routers, it cannot be termed as a company dealing in software.

However, as Cisco envisions Web 2.0 and social networking as a vital trend in the Internet usage, it eventually drives in more demand for its long-established infrastructure business. Generally, a great amount of bandwidth is consumed by viewers of YouTube videos and the likes. As more bandwidth gets used, Cisco is able to trade more of the infrastructure equipment.

Entering into the social networking business creates and win-win situation for all – Cisco, media companies, fans as well as service providers. How? ‘Eos’ makes it possible for media companies to concentrate more on developing interactive mediums rather than spending on the infrastructure to attract consumers; fans get better interactive experience; Cisco is able to reap the infrastructure benefit, while service providers enjoy selling more bandwidth to the users.

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