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Israel Communicates Its Message Through Social Media

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on January 2, 2009

The on-going Gaza conflict has caught media attention all over the world and Israel has decided to take the action over Web as well, using Twitter and YouTube channel to cover the attacks.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), YouTube has helped Israel to communicate to the world regarding the attacks, with exclusive footage covering IDF’s operation in Gaza. The idea is to spread its message to as many people as possible.

Though YouTube had removed some of the military videos released by IDF, it had to restore them as a result of increasing viewers’ support. The channel has amassed over 5,500 subscribers with plenty of videos posted already.

Besides YouTube channel, Israel is also engaged in using social networking site ‘Twitter’ to let people know its point of view. Realizing that worldwide citizens are posting comments on Twitter and are engaging into vivid debate about Israel’s campaign in Gaza, the Israeli Consulate based in New York released a feed on Twitter recently to solicit queries from users regarding the incident.

The feed, which has gathered over 2,500 followers since its release, is intended to let the younger demographic know about Israel’s standpoint. Due to the character-usage restriction of 140, the feeds are communicated in an abbreviated manner to complete the message at a time.

On the other hand, Hamas supporters are also using websites and blogs to upload images of the carnage. Militants update their sites in English and Arabic and are believed to have opened a YouTube channel as well to cover the same.

The war, which has seen several Palestinians killed due to Israel’s air strikes, started when Hamas launched rocket attacks on Israel. In return, the Jewish country destroyed most of Gaza from where the rockets were launched and eliminated crucial Hamas leaders and security.

Now, the war seems to have taken the online route as well, wherein Israel is making efforts to put its perspective in front of the people across the globe. Simultaneously, Hamas supporters too are engaged in condemning the attacks and making their statements clear through images and videos using blogs and social media.

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