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Useful Social Media Tips to Market Your Business

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on January 1, 2009

By now, you may have come across several blogs stating that social media is the key to market your business today. But the question still largely remains unanswered as to how to leverage social media in a manner that complements your business and helps you convert prospects into clients.

While it is known that social networking and media is the buzzword in marketing today, several professionals are still not able to recognize how important role the Internet can play to strengthen their client base and build up their business profile. The reason why even some of the marketing experts tend to avoid the Internet is because they are either skeptical or do not think their brands need any online promotion. However, in the coming few years, this scenario promises to change tremendously.

When it comes to using social media as a marketing tool, the first thing you must keep in mind is its characteristics and the purpose that it serves. Unlike all other media channels, social media is the only one that mainly talks about building networks. Therefore, as a marketing person, your first task should be to build connections and not jump onto selling straight away.

Since the fundamentals of marketing will remain constant across all the channels, you cannot afford to divert away from them even while using social media. For instance, you must be yourself, sell what users need/want and not what you want to sell, add value and communicate it with right blend of words, and be genuine in your approach.

Hit the Bullseye straight away:

The true success of a brand depends upon how quickly it captures people’s heart. If you want your brand to be successful, you need to adopt certain measures to make it a memorable one for the users. For example, suppose you are expecting guests at your place. Think about all the necessary measures you would undertake to make their stay a memorable one. For instance, you would keep the place clean, plan for some entertainment activities, speak politely, encourage discussions, and adopt a host of other such activities to keep your guests engaged throughout. The same principle applies for social media promotion as well. You need to speak the right words, have a fresh-looking banner, make your promotions interactive, and most importantly encourage people to talk about your brand.

Next, always try to pull the customers to buy your product. Try not to attempt a push marketing strategy. This can be done by sharing information, knowledge, ideas with people and being a part of the community yourself. As soon as people start realizing your authenticity, they will automatically be keen to know more about you and your brand. On the contrary, if you portray yourself as an aggressive seller, chances are that people will avoid you, unless you are an immensely popular brand. In short, patience is the key while adopting a social media strategy.

Your participation level in the community will also decide your brand’s success. How? The more engaged and active you are in discussions about the latest happenings affecting your industry, more are the chances of putting forward your view-points and making people agree to it (i.e. if your view-points are strong enough).

When it comes to creating the content, be as creative, informative and clear as possible. Avoid using jargons and too much of gaudy images. Be to the point and do not boast about yourself. Remember, you are here to build trust and strong connections with people and not to blow your own trumpet. Add value to your content and assist users wherever possible. Finally, being exciting and interactive is one thing that people appreciate, and hence keep adding special contests, offers and activities to attract more and more potential customers to your site.

Following these necessary steps will bring tremendous opportunities to you and therefore help you leverage social media better to promote your business more effectively.


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