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Social Networks Gaining Popularity Via Mobile Phones

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on December 25, 2008

If you ask experts what the future holds for social networking industry, one sure answer would be ‘increased accessing through mobile phones’. This is particularly true considering that about 10 percent of the US mobile subscribers are engaged in using it compared to just over 3 percent a year ago, a study by The Kelsey Group and ConStat revealed.

Precisely, 9.6 percent of wireless subscribers accessed social networks as of October this year in comparison to 3.4 percent in September last year.

According to eMarketer, an Internet market statistics firm, the number of mobile users connecting to social networks via their cell phones would be over 800 million by 2012, a mammoth increase from 82 million last year.

Though the total base of mobile users accessing social networks would not cross the 20 percent mark by 2012, eMarketer thinks that there will be a disproportionate impact on marketing, media and mobile communications as forming and sharing both professional and user-generated digital content outlines much of the social networking experience.

According to a study by Nielsen Mobile in September, 21 percent of US-based mobile subscribers recalled viewing an advertisement while connecting to blogs and social networks.

eMarketer believes that mobile social networking is more utilized outside the US even today. Facebook has recently stated that use of its mobile services increased to 15 million from 5 million during this year, though it did not provide country-wise usage statistics.

Other interesting results from the study state that 15.6 percent of mobile subscribers used their devices for Web search, especially for local products and services, in comparison to 9.8 percent last year. On the other hand, 14.3 percent searched for products and services beyond their local area, a fine increase from 6.4 percent last year.

Media consumption nearly doubled with 8.4 percent watching a music video or other genres of online video via mobile phones, up from 4.4 percent in previous year.

The research findings were based on surveys carried out online with 512 US mobile users aged 18 years and beyond.

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