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Facebook Amassing Users Faster Than Before

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on December 20, 2008

facebookFacebook seems to be running the marathon quicker than its rivals. The world leader in social networking is continuing to strengthen its user base with current standings at about 140 million. It is estimated that Facebook is increasing by massive 600,000 to 700,000 users each day.

Though archrival MySpace too is busy pulling in visitors day by day, much of the growth seen in Facebook’s operations is outside the US. This means Facebook is faring better on the entire global front than any other social network. This has given it enough scope to spread its roots wider and wider and attract such a huge number of users daily.

The recent hunting ground for Facebook has been Central Europe (especially Germany and Italy), where it stands at the thirteenth position amongst the most popular sites in Germany, according to online statistics firm Alexa.  In this year, Facebook users in Germany increased 144 percent from just below 500,000 to approximately 1.2 million.

As far as Italy is concerned, the growth has been absolutely mind-boggling. Since the last 5 months, Facebook registered a growth of whopping 763% from 572,000 users in July to 4.9 million currently.

It is said that around 8.5 percent of the Italians are on Facebook, and as per Alexa, it is Italy’s third most traffic puller. Considering that Google and Windows Live capture the first and the second spot respectively, Facebook stands as the clear winner when it comes to social network dominance in Italy.

Now the biggest challenge for Facebook is to increase its revenues by as huge as these numbers so that it can ensure a sustainable growth in the future. It already is raising huge venture capital, and is said to be having a sound financial position currently, something it would like to maintain forever.

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