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Bebo Steps Up its Social Networking Efforts with ‘Social Inbox’

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on December 12, 2008

As ‘social networking’ continues to buzz around each and every corner of the world at a faster pace, social networks are left with no option but to innovate their offerings and sustain their position in the ever-increasing social networking space. One such example is Bebo, one of the largest networking sites in the Internet world today.

The newly released Bebo ‘Social Inbox’ integrates e-mail along with social networking and media recommendations into a single interface, a one-stop shop that promises to make things easier and faster for its users.

David Liu, SVP of AOL People Network stated “keeping up with your friends has been too much these days, you have to be a member of a lot of these services just to keep up.”

Liu added that there shouldn’t be a cookie cutter approach to social networking as different people adopt different ways to communicate. For instance, the social experience for a high school or college student differs from that of a person with a job and a family.

What is amazing about Bebo’s ‘Social Inbox’ is that it combines updates and feeds from popular social media sites such as Flickr, YouTube, AIM, Twitter and Moreover it grants access to commonly used e-mail services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail and AOL Mail. Users also have the option to personalize their social media inbox to embrace social sites that they are registered with into the Bebo inbox.

Liu said that the social inbox enables hyper aggregation, and assists users leapfrog from the inward view homepage of a social network. In short, the social inbox acts as a start page or homepage for the experience.

Not only this, Bebo also plans to release other offerings soon, including a tool that will allow advertisers to communicate with users in this latest social inbox.


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