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Jihadist Target Facebook to Collaborate

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on December 11, 2008

The social networking benefits have not only attracted common people to form communities but also extremists to carry out their activities. After adding propaganda videos on YouTube and urging supporters to wage a YouTube invasion recently, a member of an Islamic jihadist forum has initiated a similar attack on social networking leader Facebook.

According to the SITE Intelligence Group, a US-based monitoring service, the Facebook invasion appeal was carried out on a jihadist forum. The forum member described Facebook as a podium to reach millions of people and invited fellow members to start using the social network.

He wrote that Facebook shall be used as a new and exclusive tool to fight the media offensive on jihadist media, its forums, and its websites. He also urged others to use it to reveal the Crusaders.

With a proper description on how to sign up on Facebook and start using it, the forum member also charted ‘goals of the invasion’ as reaching the vast base of Muslims who are Facebook users and interacting with them through participation. The idea is to post articles, publications and jihadist pictures on the site to inform readers about the activity.

However, as per Facebook’s terms of service, those groups or organizations who promote or glorify violence, hatred, racism, discrimination or intolerance are prohibited. Moreover, Facebook reserves the right to disable access or delete any such Facebook pages that do not adhere to the terms.

The internet has been used as a propaganda tool for quite some time by the Islamic militant groups. With more such groups interested in using Facebook as a medium to communicate to the supporters, it needs to be seen how the social networking industry will deal with this in the near future.

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