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YouTube Gets Stricter With Profane Content Users

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on December 6, 2008

Video sharing major YouTube has announced a stringent step towards cleaning up its content. Members who upload ‘sexually suggestive’ videos would now be dealt with more severity.

YouTube, on its blog, stated that it would enforce a stricter standard for mature content and tighten the standard for what is regarded as sexually suggestive. Already, it has banned many users for uploading pornographic videos on the site.

To place age-restrictions for viewing the content, videos with sexually suggested, but not prohibited content will be accessible only to viewers who are 18 years or beyond.

The website has declared that hereafter; videos having profanity would be debarred from appearing in its lists of ‘Top Favourited’ or ‘Most Viewed’ videos. It also said that enforcement of rules would be further intensified to avoid users mislead viewers with faulty descriptions in the titles and tags of the videos.

For instance, some users deliberately provide misleading titles such as ‘sexy’ to videos, so as to raise the view counts of a specific video.

The Google-owned and the leading media-sharing site, which receives about thirteen hours of video from its members every single minute, stated accounts of violators who reiterate their actions against the new rules will be terminated by the website.

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